Monday, February 6, 2012

School Valentine's

I wanted to make Valentine Cards for my son to give to his classmates. I had him look at the Create-a-Critter cartridge book and he picked out a different image for each of his classmates.  I got the idea for making the 3x3 card from Jeri at Bug 'n Me Creations and she also gave a list of really cute sentiments to use along with the Critters.  I made up a few of my own too.  It was a fun project.
Anyway, here's a look at the cards:

 A little closer look.... I'm wishing I hadn't written their names on the front but what's done is done.

 The Peanut Guy is my son's favorite. He thinks it "hilarious!"

So the Sheriff's badge sentiment I came up with is: You're definitely one of the good guys.
The Peanut Guy's sentiment I came up with is: I'd have to be nutty not to wish you a happy Valentine's Day.
The Rainbow sentiment I came up with is: May your Valentine's Day be as wonderful as all the colors of the rainbow. 

To make these cards a little EXTRA FUN.... I made each of the characters a magnet!  So the kids can take them off the card and put them on their fridge or something. : ) 

Since I it was an after thought I didn't "hide" the metal washer. If I had planned it out, I would have put the washer underneath the green layer. : )

I added a magnet to to the back of the Critter

and ta-da!!!  It's attached and super fun for the kids.

The card for his teacher has 3 magnets.  She collects monkeys.  So we made her this:

 As you can see from the above picture, I had lined them up all the same.  But since they are magnets on the washer, you can move them around and put them however you would like.  My sweet son wanted them to look like they were doing a cartwheel and this is how he lined them up!  Love that boy!

Well, that's my very long post for today.  I hope it gave you some ideas you'd like to try. 
Thanks for looking and have a wonderful and blessed day. 

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  1. They will love them...especially with the magnets. I love the tumbling monkeys!


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